Definitely Read This Book!!!

May 10th, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by:  Booklova

The Mother-Daughter Book Club
by Heather Vogel Frederick

When four moms meet at yoga class they come up with an idea. They bring their daughters together in a mother daughter book club. It includes Emma, a girl who loves to read, is a bit overweight, who is best friends with Jess and is made fun of by Becca and her 'group'. It also includes Cassidy, a girl who loves sports, just moved to Concord and lives with her former fashion model mom and her sister but not her much-loved dad. Also Megan, who is part of Becca's group, loves fashion and has a crazy and healthy mom. It also conatains Jess, who is best friends with Emma, lives on a farm and has a mom who left to go to be on a t.v. show. Throughout the book there are ups and downs, twists and turns.

There are four Mother Daughter Book Club books that I bet you'll love!!!! This is one of my favorite books. The first one is kind of short!!!!



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Out Of This World Book!

May 3rd, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by:  Booklova

Boys Are Dogs
by Leslie Margolis

Annabelle just moved. She finds out that the boys at her new school are gross, mean and annoying. When her mom and her boyfriend, Ted (who Annabelle is uncomfortable around because she doesn't like her mom dating him) get her a puppy, it comes with a manual on how to train her new pooch. After a few days of puppy-training Annabelle realizes a big coincidence. Boys are just like dogs. So Annabelle uses some of her tricks on boys.  Sometimes they came out in success and  sometimes they came out badly.

Two of my favorite things about this awesome chapter book is Annabelle's sense of humor and how she deals with things. I say this in all of my reviews but I'll say it again, this is a good length except for when you finish it. I thought I wouldn't find another great book for a while. There were no illustrations in this book. I think a girl from 8 to 11 would really like this book!!!!



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Mind-Boggling Book

April 5th, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by:  Booklova

City of Ember
by Jeanne DuPrau

Lina Mayfleet wretchedly wants to be messenger and Doon Harrow desperately wants to be something that could help save Ember on Assignment Day. When Lina is called up she picks out pipeworks laborer which is in the murky and clammy underground of Ember. Doon picks messenger. Both are thwarted until Doon asks Lina to switch with him. Lina loves the job of messenger as she sprints across the city with news. Meanwhile, Doon sneaks a look at the generator. The only thing that makes light in dark the city. Doon was expecting something small, something easy to fix so the city wouldn't crumbling anymore. But it was the opposite. He had no idea how to fix the generator or even understand it.

One day when Lina comes home, her grandma (who takes care of her and her sister Poppy because their mom and dad died) has ripped out all the stuff in their closet. Lina asks what she is doing and her grandma says she is looking for something significant but doesn't know what it is. Then Lina sees Poppy chewing on crumpled paper. Lina takes it out of her mouth and tries to find out what it means. Lina shows a bunch of people of people the piece of paper but nobody seems to care. Finally she decides to tell Doon because he might be interested by something that could possibly save Ember. Doon is fascinated by the piece of paper.

If I told you the rest of the book it would give it away so you are just going to have to read the book. Anyway, this book has no illustrations. Just words but it's not in small print so it's fine. I loved this book so much that I can't explain it! I started the second and there is a third and a fourth too but I don't like the second so far so I don't know if I should recommend it. Have fun reading the book!!!!!!!!!

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I Loved This Awesome Book!

April 5th, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by:  Booklova

Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life
by Rachel Renee Russell

Nikki's dad (who's an exterminator) did such a good job with the bugs in a school that they let Nikki go there for free. So when Nikki sees a present wrapped up for her she thinks it's going to be a cell phone. Her mom gives it to her and when she opens it she sees a book. She flips through the pages. It's blank! After Nikki writes in the diary she swears she will never write in it again. But of course she does. In her diary she writes about the mean girl, Mackenzie. She's always bossing people around and worse, has a locker next to Nikki! She also spills about her crush. Throughout the book some good things will happen and obviously bad things that make this book a great story.

This book had me laughing out loud. Nikki has a great sense of humor and her drawings are pretty funny. There were illustrations in the book that looked as if Nikki drew them. If you've read the review on The Popularity Papers, the pictures are kind of like that. Dork Diaries is like the girl version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid but different too. This book is a good length except for when you finish it. You just want it to keep going. Any person whose read The Popularity Papers, Mackenzie Blue or Diary of a Wimpy Kid would like this book. Also girls eight and pretty much up would LOVE this book!

P.S. There's a second Dork Diaries if you read the first one and enjoy it!

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I Loved This Book!

March 22nd, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by:  Booklova

When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead

Eleven year old Miranda is getting notes from a mysterious person (it's not scary, just strange). The person knows her name. She is very freaked out but can't tell anyone because the letters say not to. Miranda guesses and wonders. The notes are a big part of the book but other stuff happens. Her mom is practicing to go on a game show, she makes a new friend name Annemarie and avoids the crazy man who lives on the street near her house.

This book is pretty much a mystery. Some of it is based on a Wrinkle In Time. It's told as if you are the person writing the letters and she is writing them back. I really hope you like this book as much as I did!!!

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Fantastic Book!

March 20th, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by: Booklova

A Mango-Shaped Space
by Wendy Mass

A girl named Mia sees everything in colors. Everybody's name has a color, every letter has a color and every noise has a color. When she tells her parents she figures out that not everyone has this ability (or disability if that's what you want to call it). They go to a lot of doctors. One of them says she has synesthisia. The rumor goes around school and everyone is jumping on her, asking what color their name is. In the book she deals with the kids from school and her annoying sister, plays with her cat, Mango and meets a boy on a synesthisia website. The end is twists and turns and I'm sure you'll love the whole book!

The book was perfect but I read it too fast. I didn't want it to end. I cried at the end of the book so you could say some of it is sad. A Mango-Shaped Space has no illustrations but I think that's ok because it makes you imagine more what she looks like and the colors she sees. I think a girl from 9 to 11 would like this book.

I hoped you liked my review and want to read this book!!!!!!!

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