Fantastic Book!

March 20th, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by: Booklova

A Mango-Shaped Space
by Wendy Mass

A girl named Mia sees everything in colors. Everybody's name has a color, every letter has a color and every noise has a color. When she tells her parents she figures out that not everyone has this ability (or disability if that's what you want to call it). They go to a lot of doctors. One of them says she has synesthisia. The rumor goes around school and everyone is jumping on her, asking what color their name is. In the book she deals with the kids from school and her annoying sister, plays with her cat, Mango and meets a boy on a synesthisia website. The end is twists and turns and I'm sure you'll love the whole book!

The book was perfect but I read it too fast. I didn't want it to end. I cried at the end of the book so you could say some of it is sad. A Mango-Shaped Space has no illustrations but I think that's ok because it makes you imagine more what she looks like and the colors she sees. I think a girl from 9 to 11 would like this book.

I hoped you liked my review and want to read this book!!!!!!!

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