Out Of This World Book!

May 3rd, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by:  Booklova

Boys Are Dogs
by Leslie Margolis

Annabelle just moved. She finds out that the boys at her new school are gross, mean and annoying. When her mom and her boyfriend, Ted (who Annabelle is uncomfortable around because she doesn't like her mom dating him) get her a puppy, it comes with a manual on how to train her new pooch. After a few days of puppy-training Annabelle realizes a big coincidence. Boys are just like dogs. So Annabelle uses some of her tricks on boys.  Sometimes they came out in success and  sometimes they came out badly.

Two of my favorite things about this awesome chapter book is Annabelle's sense of humor and how she deals with things. I say this in all of my reviews but I'll say it again, this is a good length except for when you finish it. I thought I wouldn't find another great book for a while. There were no illustrations in this book. I think a girl from 8 to 11 would really like this book!!!!



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