April 14th, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by: ElephantLoverGirl

by Ingrid Law

When I first saw this book, I was skeptical.  It looked like it would be all about action, which I don't like as much as other kinds of books.  One day I just opened up the book.  When I started reading, I could not stop!  This book is for ages 9-14.  It is perfect for ANY type of kid because it has a little bit of everything.  This book is a mixture of adventure, action, comedy, magic, fun and pretty much everything ele in a great book!

This book is the story of a girl turning thirteen.  Her name is Mibs's.  In Mib's family, everyone gets a special power called a savvy at age thirteen.  Mibs's dad gets hurt ight before her birthday.  Mibs, her brother, and some friends team up to find her father.  They sneak into a truck that delivers bibles to churches and ride to Kansas. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!

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