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We are committed to providing a fun and safe environment for all of our visitors. We have received so many requests from users of for a site dedicated to our kid reviewers that we decided to set up My Sweet Reads.  Our goal is to make My Sweet Reads a safe place where readers can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts on the books they read.  We expect our reviewers to follow our Safety Rules, and hope that you too will encourage your child to be smart and cautious while using the Internet.  You should feel secure in knowing that nothing gets posted to the site without one of us looking at it.  Every review, every screen name and every comment is looked at by us moms before it goes public on our site.

About Us
We are Melissa Y. and Melissa G., founders of Sweet on Books dot com, Sweet on Books Blog dot com and My Sweet Reads dot com.  We are moms, we love to read, and we want to promote reading and literacy among children.  Our backgrounds are in education and marketing and in 2005 we joined forces to focus on children’s books. As parents ourselves, we know how important it is to keep our kids safe and secure, and are committed to making My Sweet Reads a safe part of their lives.

About Sweet on Books
Sweet on Books is where the Two Melissa’s (as one of our son’s has named us) post the reviews.  Anyone can comment, but the reviews are geared toward adults who are choosing books and looking for guidance on how to find the right book for their reader.

How My Sweet Reads Works
It is really simple to post a review at My Sweet Reads.  All readers need to do is email with their book review and a screen name.  We will check the review for any security violations, add a picture of the chosen book, and post it under their screen name.  Listed under the reviewers section in the right sidebar, readers will find their screen name and the books they have reviewed.  Their screen name will also be included at the top of each review that they submit.

My Sweet Reads Safety Precautions
For safety reasons, we do not allow first and last names to be posted on the site.  Only a first name and last initial or an alias, are acceptable screen names. Users' names will not be shared with outside sources, under any circumstances.

Learn More about Internet Safety
To learn more about safety and privacy, here are a few of the many resources you can find on online:
Children Online – safety of children and teens online
Safe Kids – online safety and civility

To Contact Us
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