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May 29th, 2011 by sweetonbooks

Reviewed by: ElephantLoverGirl

Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall
by Wendy Mass

This book is about a sixteen year old girl named Tessa.  In gym class, Tessa gets hit really hard and goes to heaven, but she is really dreaming.  She really went to the hospital.  In Tessa's dream, heaven was her hometown mall.  She starts reliving her life, from taking her first steps to going to her high school prom.  This is a great book.  If you read the whole thing then go back to the beginning where Tessa's at the "mall" it will seem different know that you know everything about Tessa that she does.  Tessa is a fun, active troublemaker.  This book is great because it has funny parts, sad parts, happy parts, and surprising parts.  READ THIS BOOK!!!!!





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