Site Rules

March 4th, 2011 by sweetonbooks


1. Get Your Parents’ Permission!
Make sure that you tell your parents or an adult that you are sharing your book reviews with My Sweet Reads and that they say it is OK.

2. Protect Your Privacy!
You should never, EVER, use My Sweet Reads to reveal personal information about yourself or anyone else. Personal information includes stuff like your last name, phone number, address, zip code, phone number, or even the name of your school or local sports team.  Basically, it is anything that another person can use to find you and contact you, either online, on the phone, or in person. You can say you like hockey, but don’t reveal the local team.  You can mention that you like to eat candy but don’t tell us the name of your local candy store.

3. Be Respectful Of Others!
Please show your respect to authors as well as other reviewers. As we always say, “treat others they way you would like them to treat you” and then we can all enjoy a safe and fun book loving community.  We want to hear your opinions and we’re sure that your friends and other My Sweet Reads visitors will too, but please share them in a respectful way.

4. Watch Your Language!
As all writers know, using the right language is essential.  So, when you’re posting reviews, please don’t use rude or inappropriate words to express yourself.  Use of any such words will mean that your review won’t be posted.  Also, any references to drugs, alcohol, weapons, or other criminal activities will mean that you no longer get to share your thoughts with My Sweet Reads.  Any sexual or racial slurs will also not be tolerated.

5. Tell Us What You’re Seeing!
If you feel that a post includes something that violates any of the above rules, please let us know.  We are committed to keeping our site safe, and appreciate your help in monitoring what you see on other posts.  If you think something is inappropriate, contact us at: